Dr. Oren E. Nahum, Ph.D.

Dr. Oren E. Nahum, Ph.D.


Dr. Oren Nahum is a lecturer at  Ashkelon Academic College (since 2017, at the Faculty of Economics, the Economics and Logistics track) and an adjunct lecturer at Bar-Ilan University (since 2010, at the Department of ManagementFaculty of Social Sciences). 
Dr. Nahum is a bachelor of Bar-Ilan University's  Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences in Logistics, Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A. 1995), graduate of Bar-Ilan University's  Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences in Logistics  Management (M.A., 2007) and holds a Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University , as part of the Department of Management, in Logistics Management (Ph.D, 2013), specializing in transportation systems optimization. In addition, Dr. Nahum is bachelor of Tel-Aviv University in Technological Education (B.Sc.T.E., 2002) as part of the Department of Computer Science at the Holon Academic Institute of Technology.
Dr. Nahum teaches various courses in the fields of information systems, transportation, inventory managment. Dr. Nahum's research areas include routing problems, multi-objective optimization, multi-criteria decision making, real-time optimization, machine learning and data mining.
Parallel to his work as a lecturer, Dr. Nahum served as an academic advisor for RogGoh Inc. In addition,  for the past 20 years, Dr. Nahum works as a programmer for DXC Technology (previously Hewlett Packard Enterprise). His experience as a programmer is used in his research to develop and implement various algorithms. 

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 March 4, 2018

 Recent Publications

Nahum, O. E., Hadas, Y., Zanini, M., Pellegrino, C., Rossi, R., & Gastaldi, M. (2018). Stochastic Multi-Objective Evacuation Model Under Managed and Unmanaged PoliciesTransportation Research Procedia, 27, 728-735.

Nahum, O. E., & Hadas, Y. (2017). A Framework for Solving Real-Time Multi-Objective VRP. In J. Zak, Y. Hadas, & R. Rossi (Eds.), Advanced Concepts, Methodologies and Technologies for Transportation and Logistics (Vol. 572, pp. 103-120): Springer International Publishing.

Nahum, O. E., Hadas, Y., Rossi, R., Gastaldi, M., & Gecchele, G. (2017). Network Design Model with Evacuation Constraints Under UncertaintyTransportation Research Procedia, 22, 489–498.

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 January 4, 2018

 Ph.D. Diploma


 September 7, 2017

 Computers & Industrial Engineering 39

 September 7, 2017

 Certificate of Outstanding Soldier

 September 7, 2017